September 28, 2015

Where to Get Help on Campus for Test Anxiety

Although it is human nature to want to be able to do things on our own, difficult issues sometimes require help from others. If you find that your test anxiety is so severe that you have trouble even getting started studying, or if you become so anxious that you simply cannot perform in a testing environment, it is time to seek additional help.

Consulting With a Counselor

Most colleges have counseling centers where you can make an appointment and talk to someone about issues you are having with test anxiety or other problems. Since test anxiety can be made worse if you are under stress from other issues, speaking to a counselor about those issues can also be helpful.

Counselors can provide advice about coping techniques, relaxation methods, and other means of dispelling test anxiety. Test anxiety is so common among students that the counseling center is likely to have pamphlets and other information to help you get started right away with your quest to end your anxiety. Counselors can also refer you to additional help both on and off campus if necessary for your specific situation.

Using a Tutor

The majority of cases of testing anxiety are related to a lack of confidence about mastery of the test material. Working with a tutor can help you learn the subject in more detail and can also help ensure you stick to a regular study schedule to prevent last-minute cramming. Tutors can also help you put together a study plan that will address not only the subjects covered on the test, but also your anxiety regarding the test.

Although it is tempting to tackle your studying and other classroom responsibilities on your own, getting help from someone else is often the best way to make your learning more effective, to ensure that your information recall is more accurate, and to banish your test anxiety for good.