September 28, 2015

Tips for Dealing With Test Anxiety

Test anxiety can be disconcerting at best, devastating at worst. If you have a tendency to suffer from extreme anxiety during exams, developing a means of dealing with this anxiety can help you overcome it and do your best on your tests. If you have studied diligently before the test and have a good command of the material, a few easy techniques can dispel your anxiety and help you make your way calmly through the test.

Some tips that can help you deal with test anxiety before and during the test are:

Pace yourself. If you find yourself struggling for too long over a single question, move on to the next one.

Pause for breath. If you feel your anxiety level rising, stop and take a few deep breaths. If possible, get a drink of water.

Think positively. Test anxiety often leads to a downward spiral of worst-case scenarios. If you feel negative thinking coming on, focus on the positive. Such thinking includes the belief that you will do the very best you can, that you have studied diligently, and that you know the material.

Ignore others taking the test. Those around you might be having difficulty with the test or, alternately, be breezing through it. No matter how your fellow test-takers are doing, their performance has nothing to do with you, so do not risk test anxiety by measuring your progress against that of your classmates.

Stay focused. Test anxiety tends can lead to a lack of focus, allowing your attention to drift from the test to other subjects. If you stay focused on what you are doing, you will be more likely to recall answers and less likely to succumb to test anxiety.