September 28, 2015

Test Anxiety and ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD, can add a whole new dimension to test anxiety. While many people experiencing test anxiety find themselves fidgety, unable to concentrate, or having difficulty recalling information even though they have studied diligently for the test, people with ADHD or other forms of attention deficit disorder (ADD) face these same symptoms on a regular basis. Dealing with these issues can make it even more difficult for someone with ADHD to manage a test-taking experience, often leading to multiple negative testing experiences, a major contributor to test anxiety.

Dealing With ADHD

ADD and ADHD, especially severe cases, are not conditions you should have to manage on your own. Coping techniques to help increase your ability to focus and concentrate can help alleviate some symptoms, but in the long term it is best to discuss your symptoms with a medical professional.

In addition to providing more effective ways to cope with ADHD, a doctor or counselor might recommend medication to help you maintain better focus and to increase your attention span. These medications can be quite helpful, making everyday activities, regular study sessions, and testing more effective and less stressful. Having help from a counselor to establish strategies for coping with your ADD can also help you a great deal with your test anxiety.

Finding Help for ADHD

Most college campuses have counselors who can help you with such problems as ADHD, and these counselors can refer you to medical professionals for additional resources and assistance if necessary.

Also, if you have been diagnosed with ADHD and require special accommodations for studying, classroom work or test taking, you might be able to benefit from the Americans with Disabilities Act. Be sure to ask your counselor or doctor about this possibility. The ability to take a test with modifications that will be most beneficial to you can greatly help relieve test anxiety and can also help you do your best in spite of the difficulties of ADHD.