September 28, 2015

Combating Test Anxiety Through Familiarity with the Test

One cause of severe test anxiety is a sense of not knowing exactly what you will face when you sit down to take the test. By becoming as familiar as possible with not only the material you have covered in class, but also with the types of questions you are likely to see on the exam, you can help reduce the likelihood of test anxiety on the actual day of the test.

Getting Familiar with the Test

Although there is no way to practice the exact questions that will be on the test, you can gather as much information as possible about what kinds of questions the test is comprised of, as well as the kind of information typically covered.

For most standardized tests, you can easily find sample tests either online or in books that have been written for the specific test. Some books are completely dedicated to sample tests, along with various study tips, and can provide a great deal of help as you prepare for your testing experience.

Choosing Test Help

When choosing materials to help you with your studies, be sure to acquire legitimate study guides. There are a number of available books purporting to help with studying and passing standardized tests such as Praxis exams or certification tests, but some of these books are better than others, especially since some rely more on gimmicks and “tricks” than on valid information. If possible, research study materials before you invest in a study guide, or ask friends or your instructor for recommendations.

Using these sample tests can help you become much more confident and comfortable with both the test and the test-taking environment. Using all the tools at your disposal to familiarize yourself with the exam will help you overcome your test anxiety and enhance your capability to think logically.